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Delbert W. Wells


   I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. on 5/7/43 to Fred and Marion Wells.  I was raised by my fraternal grandparents in the Hill District of Pittsburgh.  I have one older sister, Audrey and half-siblings, Joey and Cynthia.  I was educated by the Pittsburgh Public School System; then enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1962.  I was honorably discharged in 1970 after 8years of service, which was preformed in Japan, California, Washington, D.C. and Fort Meade, Md.


   In 1969, I married my wife, Rosita in June of that year.  Later I became the father of three children; Kenneth in 1970, Frederick in 1972 and Maria in 1975.


   In 1971, I began working for the former C&P Telephone Company (ATT&T, Bell Atlantic, Verizon) as a skilled craftsman.  After 10 years in that job, I was promoted to supervisor in 1980. During this time the following positions were held: instructor at the training facility; auditor; accident investigator; special liaison for the Md. Utilities Commission; coordinator for United Way; coordinator for the Red Cross Blood Drives; supervisor of cable construction crews and cable maintenance crews.

After 30 years, I retired in 2001.


   Current interests and hobbies include fishing,

martial arts (aikido), traveling, cooking and photography.


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